Northampton County Conservation District
Celebrating 54 Years of Conservation 1961-2015
Northampton County, Pennsylvania

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What is a County Conservation District?
Over 65 years ago Pennsylvania state legislators recognized the need to support grassroots local conservation efforts. As a result, the PA Conservation District law was passed authorizing the creation of county conservation districts in every county, except Philadelphia. Please read about the fascinating history of Conservation Districts in the United States and Pennsylvania.

The Northampton County Conservation District, a sub-unit of state government, was founded in 1961 when a group of farmers joined together to promote the use of conservation practices to protect soil and water resources in Northampton County. Today the District performs a variety of programs ranging from reviewing erosion and sediment pollution control plans for earth distrubance activities to providing advice on starting a local watershed association. Today, farmers in the County have developed and implemented Conservation Plans, and those involved with earth disturbance (excavators, developers, etc,) have developed Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plans. The implementation of these plans is one of the primary ways the resouces of Northampton County are being conserved.

What is Soil Conservation?
Soil Conservation is a set of management strategies that are used to prevent soil from being eroded from the earth’s surface or becoming chemically altered by overuse. Various strategies, or best management practices (BMPs), are used by farmers, excavation contractors and others to acheive this goal.

In other words, it is the best way to make sure we have the land we need to live on.

To provide the public with a coordinated program of quality education and conservation of Northampton County's resources.

The District serves a range of agricultural and urban interests and participates in a wide variety of resource programs. Please visit the links on the navigation bar to the left for a sampling of all we do.

Some examples of Best Management Practices around Northampton County


Conservation Practice (contour farming)
in Northampton County

A sediment basin with a skimmer, baffle, and emergency
spillway downslope of earth disturbance on a
residential development can minimize the impact of
construction stormwater entering our waterways



A concrete manure storage facility on a
Northampton County Farm prevents manure
runoff from entering our waterways


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